Saturday, September 28, 2013

NYC How I Love You!

Outfit Details:

top: Ann Taylor
pants: Express
shoes: Aldo
bracelet: Gin & Juniper 
bag: Dooney & Bourke via Threadflip

I absolutely love New York and when I am there the fast paced environment makes me feel productive, alive and ready to take on new projects. So when I couldn't go to fashion week because of work I was really sad. Even more so when I saw the news feeds exploding with all the happenings in New York during fashion week. This made me miss New York even more. 

I was bursting with excitement when I was contacted by Audrey from Jordan Taylor and I figured why not use that as an excuse to make the trip up there! 

This is what I wore and believe me when I say I did not make a wardrobing mistake here, finally! I wanted to wear something that was comfortable because I was going to be walking around the city all day and chic at the same time. 

The Aldo boots were perfect for the job even though they are reaching the end of their journey with me and will have to retire soon.They have a nice heel, which only add to their comfort level. What could be better! 

 They have had a good run of things, taking me from show to show and everywhere in between. Next adventure in the world of fashion will be finding their replacement.

This outfit is a great beginning of fall choice because it kept me from getting cold but wasn't too heavy for when I was in the bright sunshine. 

Hopefully soon I will be able to make another trip up north to see the city I love so much! 

What is your favorite city?

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Photos by Colleen Thombs

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