Friday, May 31, 2013

Date Night

Jon and I went on a wonderful date to celebrate out 1 year anniversary. We got delicious pizza at Matchbox in Falls Church and then went to see Star Trek. 

It was a wonderful date night and a LBD (little black dress) was the perfect piece to wear! Granted I was a bit over dressed for the movies, but who cares. You can never go wrong with a LBD. Next week I will show you how to change up the style of your LBD so you can get more wear out of it! 

dress: Forever 21 (similar); clutch: BCBG MaxAzria; shoes: Sole Society

What do you like to wear on date night?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BBQ Attire

sweater: Forever 21 (similar); dress: BCBG; belt: Forever 21 (similar); shoes: Charlotte Russe  (similar)
 This was the original outfit I was going to wear for a BBq  I went to Memorial Day Weekend, but ended up changing before I actually went (I found out it was more settled on jean shorts and a button up). Even though I did not end wearing this, it is still a great outfit to wear to a BBq or daytime get-together.

And of course my magical belt has made another appearance! I love this belt because it really does go with so many outfits! 

As for the shoes, yes they are from Charlotte Russe, they are so comfortable! I have gotten quite a few pairs from Charlotte Russe and these shoes and a pair of wedges--that i wore out till they were falling apart-- are some of the most comfortable shoes that I own and are perfect summer shoes! 

Right now they are having a shoe happy hour where on certain pairs you can buy one and get the second for $12.50! Check them out and try out some great trendy shoes for this summer!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Glowing with Dior Magic

As you know I love the Rosy Glow Blush from Dior. Dior also has other "glow" products that are amazing as well. 

These are products that are quick to apply and give you an instant polished look with minimum effort. 

The Rosy Glow is you know from my previous post, gives you your perfect pink cheek. It adjusts to how the light reflects off of your skin and reacts with your pH balance. 

The Nail Glow has been an extremely popular product! It gives you in instant french manicure (more so for those with very white tips to your nails) or gives them a very healthy and manicured look. I love it because you don't need a base coat or top coat. Just pop it on, I like to use 2 coats, and the beds of your nails look more pink and the tips more white. Instant perfection! 

The Lip Glow, which was the first of these glow products, is something I always have on me. It is the perfect natural lip to pop on--because it enhances your natural lip color while protecting your lips too-- or pop it on over faded lipstick to revive it!. 

All of these products are great to have on hand if you like to have a quick makeup routine in the morning, are a minimalist, need to pack light for a trip... the possibilities are endless! 

Go out and discover some of the magic that Dior has to offer!

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

Monday, May 27, 2013

First Date Outfit

A year ago today I went on my first date with my Jon and everything changed in my life for the better.

First dates can always be a little nerve wrecking: what should I wear, is the date going to be a total bomb, etc... All of these things went through my mind as I was figuring out what I should wear for my date with Jon.

Since I had met him online I really didn't know if I was going to be seeing the same person I had been talking to for two weeks before we set up the date. Of course I have seen all the Lifetime movies and watch far too much TV; so the thought had crossed my mind that what if Jon was in fact a 60 year old balding man instead of the handsome Thor look alike that I thought him to be.

All my fears were put to rest when I saw him walking towards me. He was in fact the Thor look alike that I thought him to be and even better looking than I had imagined! It was the best first date I have ever had and led into the happiest time of my life (which I am still in). I cant wait to have countless more years with him!

So enough with the mushy stuff and back to how to dress for a first date!

So going through your closet and trying on everything you have it can be a bit stressful! So what I finally decided on was an outfit that was comfortable but showed a bit of my personality as well. I figured that if things progressed after the first date and he got hooked when I looked casual, then when I really dressed up he would get knocked off his feet.

top: Banana Republic (similar style); shorts: BCBG (similar style); flats: Zara (similar style)

So I wore a flowy shirt (one of my favorite types of tops to wear) and some nice jean shorts with some cute flats. A casual but chic style that hinted at my personality but didn't scream it; and I could be myself.

If you feel comfortable in your outfit, then you feel more like yourself and then the guy can fall in love with the real you!

Good Luck to anyone heading out to a first date!
Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Patterns & Colors & Weddings ...OH MY!

top: Bobeau (similar); belt: Britches Georgtown; skirt: Ann Taylor; shoes: Shoemint 
Wedding season is in full swing and it is going great! I have met some wonderful beautiful brides so far this year! 

I wore this on Wednesday for a trial run I had with a bride. I felt like I needed lots of color and some fun patterns as well. To add some definition to my waist I added this green leather belt. 

This outfit is a bit more eclectic than some of my previous ones but I was definitely feeling it especially since the weather was so sunny and wonderful outside! 

If you are a bride out there looking for your makeup artist, I would love to help you make your day even more special!

This year is almost fully booked so hurry and schedule a trial run!

Check out my website to see my work 

I hope everyone getting married has a wonderful wedding day!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Set your Hair without Curlers

How to Set Your Hair Without Curlers Photo Tutorial

For those of you with very long hair this is a great way to curl your hair without having to worry about it ending up straight after all of your hard work!

Step 10: let hair cool and sit 15-20 minutes or longer if you wish

 Step 11: Take out clips 

Step 12: Shake out hair a bit and flip head to loosen curls

 Products used:

p.s. sorry there was no video to accompany this!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Maxi Dress Time

dress: BCBG; shoes: Target (similar here); bracelet: don't remember (similar here and here)

One of my favorite outfits in the summer is a Maxi Dress. It is one of those pieces that can go from day to night!

BCBG maxi dresses have always been perfect for me because they are nice and long and do not just come to my ankles, like many out there. So with them I am able to wear heels or flats if I wish.

Regardless of the constant hum of the cicadas and them dropping from the sky everywhere, I am definitely enjoying this warm weather and am extremely happy it is Maxi Dress time! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Lipstick: Best Pick-Me-Up

There is just something magical about how red lipstick can just perk up your spirits!

I know many out these think that it isn't for them or that it draws too much attention to their lips. But if that's the case you just need to find your perfect version of a red lipstick. Trust me its out there!

Here are some different options in texture, finish and opacity. This will at least get your search started, but the best way to find your perfect red is by trying them on! 

True Reds:
Rouge Dior in 999 (Ara Red) : this has a cream finish and is extremely smooth on the lips
Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge in Caprice (similar here): also a cream finish 
Blue Reds:
Rouge Dior in 743 (Zinnia Red): cream finish and ultra smooth texture
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in Moulin Rouge: velvet cream finish( not as high shine as a regular cream finish)
Kat von D Painted Love Lipstick in Underage Red: matte finish
L'Oreal Infallible Rouge in Refined Ruby: semi-matte finish and long-wear
Lancome's Color Design in Red Stiletto: cream finish
Jean-Michelle Infinite Lipcolor in Tres Rouge (similar here): long-wear and slight sheen 
Tinted Red:
Lancome's Color Design in Retro Rouge: shimmer finish and slight pink tint 
Orange Red:
Rouge Dior in 638 (Blazing Red): cream finish and ultra smooth texture
Deep Reds:
Revlon's Just Bitten in Gothic: lip-stain with clear balm to put on top
Shiseido's Perfect Rouge in 305 (Salon): semi-cream finish
Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet: super creamy and moisturizing texture with great color
Sheer Red Tints:
Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry: sheer balm finish and moisturizing

Dior Addict Gloss in 853: sheer gloss, moisturizing and not super sticky

Good Luck!

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p.s. what is your favorite red lipstick to wear?