Monday, September 2, 2013

Love: The Alchemy Shop

A few months ago I was introduced to The Alchemy Shop by the amazing Joyce Huang, creator of this lovely shop, and absolutely fell in love with with all of the beautiful pieces that The Alchemy Shop has to offer! They not only have amazing accessories that are trendy as well as timeless, but there is also a nice selection of cute clothes 

Here are some of the posts I have featured the pieces I got from the shop as well as the lovely ring they gave me as a gift. 

Adventures at Potomac Point Winery.... ring c/o

Little Fox

Too Hot to Handle

Fashion with Flavor Day to Night

Summer Suits Part I
Summer Suits Part I

Little Bit of Sprucing Up

Here are the pieces that I have:
Rose Quartz Stone Earrings (here they are in pink and black)

Birthday Present for my sister:

Here are some beauties I wish I had:

Check out The Alchemy Shop and fond some favorites of your own (or check mine out)!

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