Monday, September 9, 2013

In Search of the Perfect Boyfriend Style Jeans

Lately I have been in great need of a pair of boyfriend styled jeans! The search began a few weeks ago online to check out what was out there. I found a few pairs that I loved and decided to go try them on today on a shopping trip to see which would be the best ones for me to get.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to save on this item or make it one of my investment pieces since they can pretty much be worn year round. Plus there have been so many times when formulating outfits to wear I had wished I had a pair, as well as a pair of white jeans but I guess that will have to be another adventure.

I started the search at Nordstrom to check out my splurge options, but to no avail since they did not have them in stock. I did try on other jeans from the same brands just to check the sizing and let me tell you there is a reason those jeans are that price! They fit perfectly and felt as if they were perfectly worn in just for me! I also found a pair from KUT from the Kloth, which fit what I was looking for perfectly! They felt like the more expensive jeans but didn't cost as much. Definitely a contender! (3rd set of photos)

Next we went into Express. They were a logical place to go to because I have gotten my jeans there in the past and love how they fit me. They had two styles of the boyfriend style jeans, but I fell in love with the first pair I put on because they weren't too ripped up and I liked the darker wash. They fit loose but not too loose and still flattered my figure (always a plus). (2nd set of photos)

The last stop was of course Gap, also a favorite of mine! Their 1969 jeans have 3 lengths and the sizes are true to size and consistent, which is not always an easy thing to find in the jean world. Granted, for the boyfriend style jeans the length was not important since I want to wear them cuffed. I liked this pair because the wash was exactly what I was looking for, the classic blue jean, and they didn't have any rips in them. (1st set of photos)

So in the end I was able to decide on one pair based on fit, color and look. Stay tuned to find out which pair I decided to go with! Feel free to guess too!



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