Sunday, September 30, 2012

NYFW SS'13: Nolcha Fashion Week

Nolcha Fashion Week
Sponsored by: Rusk
Key Artist: Michelle Webb

Mariana Valentina with Signature Makeup Look

Designers featured that day: 
Adolfo Sanchez – Aisha X Artini – Angelys Balek – Arrum Lilly – Baruni – Bolongaro Trevor – Firetrap – Gulshachereli – Kabuki U – Mariana Valentina – Pamela Gonzales – Pretty Green – Priti by Design – Richard Smith – Studio 6th Sense – YB Couture

Signature Look of the Show:
Check out the video tomorrow to see how to turn the signature look into an everyday look.

The signature look for majority of the designers was designed by amazing makeup artist Michelle Webb. The look was green glowing eye makeup to emulate the atmosphere of Spring and Summer; with a pretty pink cheek to give an overall light and airy fae-like look. The light pink coloring was also applied to the lips to make a stain. 

Mariana Valentina with Signature Makeup Look

Angelys Balek:
We did a black smokey eye and nude lip on the models.

Angelys Balek

Pamela Gonzales:
This was the most intricate look I did all fashion week and my favorite as well! We used black pigment on the eyes in a cat eye shape with gold on the inner corner and lash line halfway in. The lashes we put on the models had long black feathers on the outer corners. For added luxury to the look we lined the lips with a gold contour and put a peach into the center of the lips, pressed gold leaf onto the brows and then slashed on gold to the neck and collarbones of the models.

Pamela Gonzales

For the hair the Rusk Stylists did a loose, thick French braid and sprayed gold into the hair line around the face.

Pamela Gonzales

The clothes were a beautiful companion to this Baroquesque elaborate makeup design. 

Pamela Gonzales

Shows my models were in:
Angelys Balek - Pamela Gonzales - Bolongaro Trevor - Mariana Valentina - Fire Trap - Richard Smith

Richard Smith & Firetrap

This was an amazing and fast paced day! I am so happy that I am a part of the AOFM Pro team and was able to assist Michelle Webb on so many shows. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

p.s. Let me know if you would like me to create a ready to wear look from the Pamela Gonzales makeup design!

Images from:
Sandra Sokoloff
Sandra L. Madhere for Focus
Keenography Focus
Vanessa Susana
My Android Phone

Friday, September 28, 2012

NYFW SS '13: Suzanne Rae

Suzanne Rae Show
Location: The Philippine Center, NYC
Lead Artist: James Vincent sponsored by Kevyn Aucoin

Suzanne Rae

This line was all about minimalism. For the makeup look we made the skin flawless by mixing Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer with embryolisse. Then we brushes white from the Makeup Forever flash palette into the brows. Used taupe on the lid and white shadow under the lower lash line. The shapes on the face created a very organic and raw appearance.

For the cheek we used a orange-ish red blush from Kevyn. It was supposed to emulate the appearance of a flushed complexion, as if she had been outside in the elements. And finally we did a matte nude on the lips. Very basic colors to create a simplistic and raw appearance to accompany the clean lines of Suzanne’s designs. 

The hair was styled into a severe straight bang and a slicked back severe pony tail. 

The venue offered a beautiful environment for the show to take place. The clothing was very ready to wear and could be worn in the work environment to casual lounging or even a night out. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NYFW SS'13: Sammi Sweetheart Collaboration with SXE Fitness

September 10, 2012 Show: Sammi Sweetheart Athletic Wear Collection for SXE Fitness Wear

Makeup Lead Artist: James Vincent
Sponsored by Inglot Cosmetics: The Freedom System

During New York Fashion week the first show I worked on was the Sammi Sweetheart show. The Key Makeup Artist was James Vincent and I got to be part of his makeup team. The look for the show was a beautiful, healthy glow to the skin. The eyes were bright and elevated as well as the cheek bones by adding a nice highlight. There were no hard lines or edges. 

We put a double layer of lashes on the upper lash line to help with the bright uplifted appearance of the eyes. On the lid we used bronzes and golds. A technique that James is known for: a natural flush to the cheeks—apply blush before the foundation so that it appears as if it is a natural flush to the skin. The black liner was put on the waterline to emphasize the lash line subtly. 

For the hair the stylists had the models’ hair with soft waves or a high bun with a braid up the back of the head.

This look was a perfect pair with the cute athletic wear that Sammi, from Jersey Shore, designed in collaboration with SXE Fitness wear. All of the pieces were very wearable and I could definitely see myself going for a run in these curve-hugging workout clothes. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gingersnaps, Flannel & Boots

I know I am not the only one loving this great weather that we have been having (aside from the extreme rain on Tuesday). To me this weather means the beginning of fall. And when fall is here that means three of my favorite things get to resurface: gingersnaps, flannel & boots!

Instead of making snickerdoodles as a treat for someone's birthday I decided that it was time to start delving into fall and begin making gingersnaps.  This amazing cookie is one of my favorite things to make in the fall and winter (just to clarify snickerdoodles are my spring and summer cookie and ginger snaps are my fall and winter cookie). They have a wonderful flavor and make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside! Great for eating when a chill starts developing in the air. 

With the slightly chilly weather I was even able to wear one of my lighter flannel shirts with some tall boots and skinny jeans! Definitely one of my favorite ensembles! The shirt and the jeans I am wearing are from Cabi. They are so comfortable and fit amazingly! 

My boots that I have on are from Aldo. The other boots that are spread around are from: Aldo, Ninewest, Piperlime (Cynthia Vincent), Ann Taylor, Clarks and various pairs purchased at Macy’s, Off Broadway and Nordstrom Rack. 

I love doing a fresh luminous look for the beginning of fall and not totally bringing out the fall and winter shades just yet. So I chose some bright pinks to do all the talking and did a very simple eye. Btw this is also a great trick for a super quick look that looks very put together and show stopping but doesn’t take up your whole morning. 

Doing a bold lip is the best way to have a beautiful face of makeup that can truly be done in five minutes. Start with the foundation and work it into your skin with your fingertips (Diorskin Nude Foundation). It gives a beautiful flawless look to your skin without it looking like you have on foundation. Next conceal if needed, dust a bit of translucent powder on areas where needed (to ensure there will be no creasing later) and warm the face with some bronzer (Bobbi Brown in Golden Light). 

For the cheeks use a bright pink and dust it on the apples of the cheeks and blend out toward the hairline slightly (Dior Blush in Rosy Glow). For the eyes put some black liner in your lash line and use an angled brush to smudge out a bit into a slight cat eye. Bobbi Brown trick: over top to add more dimensions to the lash line use a liquid liner (DiorLiner). Prime your lashes (DiorShow Maximizer) and darken them with your favorite lash plumping and volumizing mascara (DiorShow Extase). 

Finally put on your lipstick (LancĂ´me Color Design in Posh Pink) and voila! you are ready to go out the door! 

Fall is coming swiftly so start bringing your boots and flannel out of hiding and stay cozy! Try out the makeup look and simplify your morning routine, so you can enjoy this beautiful weather while it is here!

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My first pair of Leopard print shoes have begun their retirement

First Pair of Leopard Print Pumps

The only pair of shoes I have retired so far have been my leopard print heels that I got from Bakers back in high school. 

This pair of shoes and I have had many adventures together. We have partied together, gone out for drinks, trips to the library and grocery store, shopping for other additions to my collection of shoes and have just looked super fine. 

When I first purchased these shoes I had no idea how fond I would grow of them and that they would become my go to pair of pumps. Little did I know that they would be able to enhance so many outfits of mine. A definite bonus was that once those puppies were broken into I was able to wear them all day or all night (unfortunately not both, but really you give me a pair of shoes that looks this good that can be worn all day and night without your feet falling off by the end of it: they don’t exist). 

I would pair them with a classic black dress for work at times. They loved to accompany my  ripped up black jeans when I was feeling edgy (secretly that was their favorite outfit to hang out with). A slinky red dress when I was feeling especially bold. A casual pair of jeans with a white tee when I wanted that casual put together look. A fitted pencil skirt and bright solid colored top for a fashionable professional look. A pair of white linen pants and a fitted black tank for an evening out during the summer or a trip to the grocery store. Black thick leggings and a loose off the shoulder top for an understated chic going out look. Obviously this shoe was the first pair I went to in order to make an outfit truly go that extra mile. They were pretty much my one reliable piece in my wardrobe that never let me down.

As you can see I was pretty obsessed with these hotties. So making the decision to retire them was a very difficult one; but I knew it was only a matter of time before they were beyond the point of retiring healthily upon my shelf.  At times I still look to them and think, “Can I wear them just one more time?”  I always tell myself no; their time has come and now it is some other beautiful pair of shoes turn to take the spotlight. 
The time came when I started to search for a second pair because this was definitely a shoe I needed in my wardrobe. So I searched and searched, starting at the place that had bestowed the first pair upon me. Time came when I thought I would never find another pair of leopard print shoes.

New Beginnings....

Suddenly my luck changed (as it usually does when I walk into a Nine West store). There they were and on the sale rack no less (BONUS!) and they had my size too! It was as if all of the fashionable stars in the universe had aligned. This is when the friendship began. I say friendship because although they were comfortable and definitely the shoe I had been searching for, they still had a bit of breaking in to do. 

So far we have gone out for drinks a few times; but I see a  very bright future ahead for us and exciting times yet to be had. I can’t wait to have new and exciting adventures with my second pair of leopard print shoes! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful

….and p.s. go and get your own pair of leopard print shoes, add a little spice to your life and see what you have been missing out on this whole time!