Sunday, September 8, 2013


So I'm not sure if you guys have noticed or not, but I have a lot of interests and love doing many different things, as shown through my many different types of posts. So I am going to try and be a bit less scatter-brained and give you guys a bit of continuity, unless you like the non-patterned nature of my posts that is ......

So I first started this blog because I had been planning on starting one for years to showcase my makeup artistry and help spread knowledge of how to do your own makeup or to help with choosing products. Finally I had enough motivation to get it started, and yes the first 6 months were very sparse in regards to posts, but the next 6 I really kicked it into high gear. This transformed my blog to more of my artistic outlet and a way to document my adventures through the world of fashion and beauty. I love the transformation it has made from Carolyn Thombs Makeup Artistry & Consulting to become it's own entity as Lipstick & Chiffon.

So back to business... here is an outline of the types of posts I have done with examples next to each type:

Product reviews: Mystic MetallicsCinnaberry Tresses

Makeup/Product Videos & Tutorials: Halloween Cat Costume TutorialCream/ Gel Eyeshadows in My Kit

So my question for all of you lovely readers is which posts are you favorites and which (if any) should I stop doing? Are there posts you wish I did that I don't?
I would greatly appreciate your feedback! You can either post in the comments below or pop me an email through the contact me tab!

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  1. I like your makeup posts the best when you show how to apply it!

    Overall Request:

    When you demo how to apply certain makeup, could you recommend an "equivalent" that are perhaps a little lower quality but may be more budget friendly? I really love some of the things you show but am pretty boring and when it comes to my day to day, so would look for less expensive options in those that I don't wear often :)

    Blog requests!

    1. Would be to show eye shadows you recommend for different eye colors- which are universal, which are better with brown eyes..etc I think this one is more of just a blog request in general.

    2.Highlight/Contour Requests: I've tried watching videos on this but have usually found that it's very obvious in photographs where I apply the highlight and contour. Since you're a master of both, I thought you'd have some good thoughts on how to make this effective with out looking ridiculous in photos :) This could be a more general request about how to apply your own makeup when being photographed with a high resolution/high quality camera. Especially as we approach the age of being frequent guests at weddings!!


    1. Hey girl! Thank you so much! All of your thoughts really mean a lot to me!!!

      I will definitely write all these down and get to working on them!

      I have been planning for some time to find the best brands that are more on the budget savvy side so that it will be easier to mix price ranges if you want to and be able to choose which products you want to be investment pieces and which don't need to be.

      Thank you again for all this helpful information! If you ever want a more specific consultation or need help picking out products let me know!


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