Friday, May 3, 2013

Black & White

I got this shirt the other weekend when my sister was visiting. We went shopping to find her some new pieces for her wardrobe and of course I couldn't help but find some choice pieces for myself! This shirt is one of the pieces that I just had to have. 

Yes, I am trying to get away from buying black clothes, but as I said I just couldn't pass this top up! 

Just like my love for black and white clothing, I absolutely love black and white photography. It is what I first started shooting in (with film) back in high school. I love how classic a photo can look by putting it into black and white. 

This is a shoot I did with me, myself and I using my tri-pod and a remote. I did a 60's inspired makeup look with a Brigitte Bardot inspired hairstyle. Enjoy!

top: Ann Taylor;pants: Forever 21; shoes: Nine West; jewelry: vintage

photography: Carolyn Thombs Fine Art & Photography
hair & makeup: Carolyn Thombs Makeup Artistry & Consulting

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