Monday, May 13, 2013

Family Fun in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

This past weekend I was in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania for Colleen's graduation. She is the youngest in my family and it was so crazy to believe that she was already done with college and ready to enter into the real world! 

It was a very fun weekend, aside from the poring rain I had getting there and the intermittent rain throughout the day on Saturday. 

And of course everyone was dressed perfectly stylish because I come from a family of clothing and shoe lovers! 

Here are some photos from the weekend! 
(from right to left): Jess in BSMART from JC Penny's; Kelsey in a dress from Francesca's; Colleen in BCBG; Kayla in BCBG

(from top to bottom): Dad in Brooks Brothers; Me...stay tuned for tomorrow to see the detes on my outfit; Katie in Banana Republic jacket and Ann Taylor dress; Mom in Chetta B dress from Lord & Taylor; Colleen in BCBG; Chrissy in a dress from Charter Club and Cabi sweater

Delicious beverage that was perfect paired with my wings: Redd's Apple Ale

Fun bracelets my sister got all of us :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow to see more photos of the outfit I wore on Colleen's graduation day! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

Congratulations to all you graduates out there and good luck on all of your adventures yet to come! 

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