Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Sweet 16 to Bryan & Happy One Year Anniversary to Lipstick & Chiffon!

Happy Sweet 16 Bryan!! Happy 1 Year Anniversary Lipstick & Chiffon! 

What?! It's my birthday! 
Today is Boo Bear Bryan's birthday! He is 16 and still in amazing shape! This morning he got some eggs with biscuits (took a while to get him to eat it, he has become quite the diva). He has been having a nice day so far doing his usual napping and barking at himself in my parents' full length mirror and hanging out in the sunshine. Today is quite a special day for him!

Birthday Breakfast! 

Give me my food ladies! (actually he was  just yawning :) )

Inspecting his Birthday Breakfast
He took the soft biscuits out of the bowl and then wouldn't eat the rest until...
But that it is on Mommy's plate I want my food...

Nom nom nom...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Lipstick & Chiffon!
 So a year ago I finally started writing this blog, such a wonderful day! I had been thinking about starting a blog for a few years beforehand but hadn't made the time to actually get it started. So finally last year on May 1st I decided to get it going! I am so happy I did because it has truly been such a fun project to nurture! 

These flowers and this cupcake are for you Mom, Dad, Colleen and Jon for helping me in nurturing this creative outlet! And a huge thank you to all of you who read this and keep me motivated and passionate about this blog! Spread the word and let me know if there are ever any topics you want me to address or if you have any questions! 

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