Thursday, February 21, 2013

Temporary Reprieve from the Cold

This is an outfit I got to wear a few weeks ago, when I got back from Florida and the weather warmed up, granted it was a bit rainy but at least I didn't have to be wearing a heavy jacket. I love it when the weather decides to be warm instead of the dreadful cold. I am able to take out some of my spring clothes and roll my jeans up so I can show off these cute shoes! 

shoes: Ivanka Trump from Macy's 
 When I first saw these shoes, it was immediate curiosity and then once I tried them on it turned into love. I did not get them at first, I got a cute pair of wedges that I could wear to work instead. Then I was on a little shopping outing with my mom and sister and there they were in a totally different Macy's, I took that as a sign and had to snatch them up! 

watch: Fossil

shirt: Cabi, jeans: Sfera
 Unfortunately lately the weather has decided to be very cold and be windy. Definitely not fun. 
Stay warm everyone! Hopefully we will have a nice reprieve from the cold soon! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

Photos by Margaret Thombs

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