Friday, February 8, 2013

Chloe: My Fiery Little Red Head How I Miss You

My pretty little Chloe

My little fiery red head, Chloe, had to be put to sleep 1/5/13 because of a tumor. It all happened very fast and to tell the truth I was not ready for this at all. It is even hard trying to write about it still. So here is a little tribute to this little dog, who came into my family’s life and became not only a member of the family but a true companion. Here is a little account of her wonderful time with us. 

Cuddle sessions with Chloe and Chloe with all of the pups and Dad and Auntie V

These past two years I have gotten very close to her because I moved back home after I graduated. She liked to lay near me while I was getting ready for work or would keep watch on the stairs outside of my room or even sit on the couch next to me while I worked on this blog and even got to be a part of it!

She was the best little girl and we were as devoted to her as she was to us.
When she was 9 she was put in a kill shelter because her family did not want to put her through quarantine because they were moving overseas. That is when my mom saw a flier for her and thought we have to give her a home! 

My mom with her two little puppies
My dad was one of the people that Chloe absolutely adored

I made a trip home from college (this was during the beginning of my freshman year) to find this little red head had already invaded the hearts of my family and I instantly fell in love with her. 
She was very a reserved puppy and rarely gave out kisses and didn't really like to cuddle very much. Over the years she found out she didn't really have a choice because we are a very cuddly family. 

One of the cutest things she did
Loved that blue chair, she always sat like a lady

Now she was not our first dog. Little boo -bear Bryan was our first dog that we got after many years of convincing our parents that we NEEDED a dog :) ... apparently Bryan didn't like it so much that she was trying to take HIS family. But very soon they became quick friends and maintained a peaceful friendship. He liked to give her kisses once in awhile and if she was sleeping in my parents room he loved to go in an stand on top of her and just bark at her. For whatever reason that will remain foreign to us. They truly loved each other and were the perfect companions. Their relationship is what has kept them around for so long. She was able to live to a ripe age of 15 and Bryan,15, is still popping around like a puppy with a bit of a pimp walk at times. I can tell he misses her just as much as we do, but one day he will see her again and they will be watching over us and protecting us from afar.

 Chloe and Bryan 

Loved going under the bushes and getting stuck; Classic Chlo barking and barking

She really was the best dog and I always felt safe with her around, she was a true guard dog. It is tough at times without her but I know she is not in pain anymore and I will see her again one day, the Rainbow Bridge Poem defines it perfectly. 
I miss you Chloe so much!


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