Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Concept Fashion Week: L. Catherine London Fall/Winter 2013 NYFW

Concept Fashion Week Feb. 7, 2013 at the Metropolitan Pavilion 

Key Artist: Melanie Mills
Assisted by AOFM Pro Team 

My first day of shows with the AOFM Pro team this NYC Fashion Week was on February 7 at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The key artist for Makeup was Melanie Mills, the amazing creator of Gleam by Melanie Mills. This was my first time working with her, and let me tell you she is absolutely fabulous! She is very easy going and ready to teach! I was able to assist her on 3 shows that evening, the first was L. Catherine London.

The first show was L. Catherine London, the look was a simple light gray smoky eye, which we used some of Melanie’s new pigments she is working on, with a bright, pinkish, red lip. A very clean and sophisticated look that “can definitely be rocked on the street,” said Melanie. We also used a nice champagne color for a highlight color on the brow and to help blend the smokiness of the gray. 

This look was the perfect companion to the hair styled by the Studio DNA – Beverly team. The hair was a sleek straight look with the hair pulled back just at the top of the head and put into a fish-tail braid or a twist. A very simple yet sophisticated coif to complement the whole look of the collection. 

Pigments by Melanie Mills used in look and Lipstick
My set up to do the look. Colors in the palette were Melanie's loose pigments that we used for the look. I absolutely loved how they blended seamlessly into the skin! And of course my Inglot Freedom System Palette that I use with pretty much every look! 
Face Chart for notes while watching demo done by Key Artist Melanie Mills
Models Lined up for a Group Photo

Backstage Shot-- AOFM Pro team at work! 

One of the Model I did the makeup for (except for the lip); love this coat!!

Full shot of the clothes--I love the printed fabric! 

Model I did makeup for

Treaties courtesy of Melanie Mills! I can't wait to play with these products and share the looks with you! 

The makeup and hair together created a wonderful and comfortable feel while seeing it paired with the amazing collection by Kasia Łęcka, the designer for the L. Catherine brand. Style Trigger stated it perfectly, “Thanks to her extensive experience on an international level, Kasia creates clothing that responds to the cosmopolitan taste and personal style of every woman.” This quote truly embodies the feel that you get when seeing her pieces. 

They are clothes that women in the city, or anywhere really, can wear to work and even out about town. She also had some beautiful evening pieces in the group, which gave the collection an amazing thorough feel to it: a piece for any occasion! 

The colors in the collection emanated the feel of winter without the drab emotion that you usually experience when seeing these colors in nature: cloudy skies and white snow turned black from cars and foot traffic. The colors gave a cool and sophisticated look to the silhouettes of the clothing. The printed fabric, scenes from a snow capped park, used on some of the clothes was very eye-catching and offered a beautiful scenery for your enjoyment. The pairing of leather boots with the clothes adds an urban chic feel to the collection as well.

Below are a few pieces from the collection; see for yourself how easy it is so fall in love with her beautiful designs! 

Need this dress in my wardrobe!!

Check out the Facebook page for the designer and stay up to date on when the collection will be available to purchase! 

Watch this video to meet the designer and see her talk about her collection from last year! She truly is an amazing woman!

Check out these sites to see images of all the clothes in the Collection: 

Style Trigger actually features a few of the pieces from her past collection to purchase. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

Photos from: Getty Images and my phone 

p.s. stay tuned for reviews on Elliott Evan and J. Burgos! 

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