Monday, February 4, 2013

Lounging by the Pool

I was lucky that while I was in Florida I had the luxury of not only having access to the beach but also a pool. 

I love laying out in the sun next to the pool because you get to be on a lounge chair, which makes it a lot easier to drift off into a nice nap. Also, you don't have to worry about the sand getting everywhere. And I don't know about you, but personally I hate it when sand gets all over me and then reapplying suntan lotion feels like you are rubbing sand paper on your body. I guess the whole sand thing is just one of my weird quirks. I do however love walking on the beach and swimming in the ocean (plus the salt water is great for your skin!).

Having a fun time during the Photo Shoot 

For my pool going attire I usually have a cover up just in case areas start to roast too much or it can serve as a great pillow. The hat is a great way to keep you face safe from too much sun (hat from Bebe click on the link for a cute option). If you get too much sun on your face and don't use enough suntan lotion it will lead to wrinkles, dark spots and your skin will look more dehydrated. The earlier you take precautions for your skin the better!

Have you ever gotten a sun burn right under your eyebrows or around your eyes? Trust me it sucks and is so uncomfortable! So I found a great eye sunscreen from Mario Badescu that keeps my eye area hydrated and protected (you can also use it for your lips as well)!

To add some color to my lips I like to use Fresh's Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment. It adds a nice rosy color to my lips and makes them extremely soft while protecting them! You might not want to let it sit in the sun or be in a super hot place because it might melt a little bit, but the color and texture last for quite awhile. So maybe just keep it stored under your hat or in your beach bag or at the end of the day store it in the fridge.

For my face I use Neutrogena's sunscreen because it doesn't burn my skin or clog my pores. For my body I use Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen because the texture is nice and creamy and smells very nice! I also tried their spray sunscreen which offers a quicker way to apply sunscreen and doesn't leave you feeling sticky when it dries (which is pretty immediately). 

For makeup I use Diorshow in waterproof black. For my complexion and extra protection I used the Maybelline BB Cream. It helps even my skin out and keep my scars from getting darker from sun exposure. 

After your day in the sun make sure you put some aloe on your skin to cool it off or to help alleviate a sun burn.

Top: Tommy Bahama; Bottoms: Victoria's Secret; Sunglasses: Aldo; Shoes: Aldo

Top: Tommy Bahama; Sunglasses: Aldo; Hat: Bebe

For my bathing suit I found that Tommy Bahama carries super cute styles as well as sizes even for those of us that are well-endowed. This style is flattering for busts of all sizes and gives you a nice amount of support for those who need it. It is on the pricier side of bathing suit tops but it is definitely worth it! Especially for those of us that have a hard time finding that perfect style that also comes in our size. Try it out!

For the bottoms I love these ones that I got in a set from Victoria's Secret, unfortunately the top no longer covers the ladies so I had to move it on. The bottom however adds that perfect pop of color that gets you in the mood for summer and sunshine (and it fits perfectly without cutting into the lovies). 

If you have questions regarding ways to keep you skin protected in the sun or bathingsuits for your shape please contact me through the contact page or leave a comment! Don't forget to follow me on Google and Bloglovin' so you don't miss out on any of the beauty tips or fashion advice!

The little guy is obsessed with laying out! Can't get enough sun! 

Enjoy& Be Beautiful!

photos by: Jon Zerbonia

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