Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Concept Fashion Week: Elliott Evan Fall/Winter 2013 NYFW

photo from: Style Bistro

My model for the show after he was iced out! 

Key Makeup Artist: Melanie Mills
Concept Fashion Week Feb. 7, 2013 
Metropolitan Pavilion 

This by far was the coolest (no pun intended) look of the day! Melanie Mills designed the look which was “hot dudes totally iced out,” she explained as the AOFM Pro team watched her demo of the look before we got to work. 

Face chart for notes during the demo

The look was not extremely complicated but really added an important element to the feel of the collection. 

The placement of the fake ice and snow was meant to in a way emanate the personality of the model as well. On my model I chose to emphasize the lines of his face structure and his amazing cheek bones with jagged masculine lines. 

Designer Elliot Giffis of Elliott Evan aims to design clothes that are comfortable; which is exactly what this collection is: fashionable comfort. The clothes just ooze comfort with a fashionable twist and an effortless style. The angles and zippers are fun details to spice up the average “play” clothes. 

Here are some links to find out more about the designer and to see the full Fall/Winter 2013 collection:

So for all you fellas out there who are fans of comfort, but hate sacrificing style; Elliott Evans is your line to start grabbing pieces from to enhance your wardrobe.

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

p.s. stay tuned for J. Burgos and the shows I did with James Vincent and coverage from Nolcha Fashion Week coming up this week! 

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