Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sand In Between My Toes

As you all know from the post yesterday, I am not a huge fan of sand. Weird, I know, but one place I don't mind sand is beneath my feet. I absolutely love going for walks on the beach. It is not only great exercise but also very relaxing. 

Jon and I began everyday with a nice long walk on the beach and a dip in the ocean. What a great way to start out the day, right?! 

Water was a bit chilly on first impact

This outfit is a great option that can go from walking on the beach into a going out for a casual dinner look. Of course I didn't wear my shoes while on the beach but they are a comfortable, yet cute option to get you to the beach! I got them from Urban Outfitters (click on the link for another option). 

The shorts are from Old Navy and are so comfortable and the perfect length. I didn't travel to Florida with these, I actually had forgotten to pack shorts (crazy I know!). So Jon and I did a little shopping to try and find some, and let me tell you it was not as easy as you may think. Not a lot of stores had their spring and summer lines in so we had to stop in a few stores before we got lucky. Old navy hooked us up, even though they really didn't have a lot of options for women. These polka-dot shorts will be perfect to wear once the weather starts to get warmer!

My sunglasses are from Aldo (click on the link to see what they have to offer) and my hat is the amazing hat I had gotten from Target at the end of this past Fall. It doesn't necessarily help keep the sun off of my face but it looks cute with the outfit! :)

Enjoy the photos and for all of you who are not loving the cold weather, let these help you to escape to warmer weather (at least in your mind)! Stay warm! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

photos by: Jon Zerbonia

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