Monday, August 4, 2014

Wardrobe Essential: White Button-Up

Outfit Details:

top: Banana Republic via Thred Up
pants: Forever 21
shoes: Via Spiga via Nordstrom Rack

Plain and simple. A white button down shirt is essential for any wardrobe; whether it is a guy's or a girl's. I am lucky enough to have finally found mine! I was out of one for quite some time and hadn't ever really come across one that I liked (or that fit well without the boob gap). The magical place that is Thred Up had this little guy waiting for me; and for an amazing price to say the least.

It can be paired in an infinite amount of ways. Which, case in point is why it is so essential to a wardrobe! Here I paired it with my fave pair of ripped up black jeans and these metallic beauties I got from Nordstrom Rack earlier in the summer. I love how simple the look is, yet still oozes a bit of sauciness.

Where do you go to purchase your perfect white button up?

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