Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cafe Attire

Outfit Details:

top: H&M
skirt: Urban Outfitters
belt: Forever 21
shoes: Aldo

The other week I actually had a Friday off! I needed to pick up my sister's dog so I decided to spend the day in Philly with her. Since she had work to do I took the chance to be productive as well. It was nice to take a break for lunch and have a different backdrop for my outfits for a change! It really got my blogging juices flowing! 

When I put this outfit together I immediately imagined myself sitting outside at a cafe somewhere. It was so perfect that there was a cafe across the street from my sister's apartment (which has delicious food btw)! So we did a little photo sesh before having a nice lunch. 

Since the skirt and top both have quite a bit of volume to them I chose a wide belt to help define my waste and break up the textures as well. The sky high heels helped elongate my legs so that the volume of the skirt didn't dwarf my legs. 

What do you all think of the outfit?

Photos by Katie Thombs