Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sitting on a Fence.... Literally

 Outfit Details:
top: Borrowed from the amazing Stylist Andy Ponti
jeans: Gap
hat: borrowed from my sister
shoes: Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack

This whole summer has been about reevaluating how I schedule/organize my life and how I choose to spend my free time. Days where I can choose what I want to do and that have nothing scheduled, are very rare. Lately I haven't even known what to do with them when they pop up.

For a little while I was contemplating cutting some of the many occupations I take under to make my work load a little more manageable. After a day of pretty much just thinking and sitting doing nothing, I came up with a hint of a solution to my problem. I need to have a schedule! I used to have one, granted a very loosely structured one, but it helped to organize all my tasks and when I needed to have certain things done or scheduled. My life has changed somewhat since that schedule/life organization was intact, so I can't necessarily go back to what I once had.... Which means: a new plan has to take form and then be introduced into my life.

I have a few ways of forming this life organization (because it not only involves work but getting my life in order) and am still working on the particulars. When I am finished coming up with an easily adaptable schedule to use depending on the type of day I have ahead of me I will share all of the details with you and how I am sticking to it. This type of life organization I am working on could be the answer for you as well-- pretty much anyone who has some type of freelance job, works for themselves, or has a type of job that is prone to change from week to week or even day to day.

So stay tuned and see how I am taking my life back into my own hands so, I can not only optimize my productivity for work, but also have a life and ENJOY IT!

How do you organize your life?

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