Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hot Pink Sling-backs and Garden Florals

Outfit Details:
shoes: Zara

Ever since I saw the floral dress I put in this post, I went on the hunt to find my perfect floral dress! Not an easy task I might add. So I asked Holly from I Heart Aardvarks Boutique if she knew of any dresses matching the description of what I was looking for. She came back with a few amazing options, this was one of them! Jon got me my 2 faves for my b-day, best guy ever! This was my favorite favorite! 

I got these shoes while in Miami and it so happened that Zara was having a super major sale! I don't have a lot of sling backs, or pink shoes so I figured this was a necessary purchase and plus they go perfectly with this dress! 

Btw loving Zara's new collections! Check it out! 

photos by Margaret Thombs

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  1. Ummm THAT DRESS! I love it so much I might try to steal it from you if you ever let me near your closet! :) You look great in these shots, Carolyn. I especially love the hair & makeup! Well done! :)