Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who's That Girl?

Who's that girl?! Oh hey its me! 

Here is a major tbt! These are from one of the shoots I did back right after I graduated high school while I was trying to get into modeling and with Cleri Model Management. Obviously the job choice didn't work out for various reasons, but hey its fun to look back at these an reminisce. I mean who doesn't love looking back a past photos and thinking 'dayuumm I looked pretty good' . 

By the way I still have that blue and black dress, it is that perfect dress to wear when I have no desire to wear anything else in my closet. The perfect back up! Those leopard print shoes were my perfect first pair of Leopard print heels, which I only recently had to retire if you remember that blog post. They lasted me through the end of high school and all through college. 

 p.s. that is my natural hair color! Crazy!! 

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