Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Style Inspiration: Magazine Tear Sheets

Yes I still get actual magazines in the mail. I have always loved to feel those glossy pages in my hands and loved to pour over them taking in all of the beautiful colors and textures that fill their pages.

Before Pinterest, I would tear out the pages that either inspired me or just looked frickin' cool. I still do this actually, and I keep binders full of my favorite tear sheets. They are so fun to look through, especially the ones I have from 10 or so years ago. Whenever I feel lacking in inspiration for either a photoshoot or a blog post I just look through them and always get a bolt of inspiration! If you ever find you run into this problem try it, trust me it helps a lot!

How do you all feel about having the actual magazine instead of just reading it online?

Magazine tears from Elle Magazine and Vogue Magazine

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1 comment:

  1. Reading actual magazines and books is a great way to stay "connected"...