Thursday, July 3, 2014

Intro to the Inglot Freedom System

If I have done your makeup, then you have heard me mention the cosmetic brand Inglot and how wonderful and affordable it is! Here I will go over a few of my favorite products from them and then check out the video where I demonstrate how the colors look!

 Products Used:


1. matte nude: Matte 351
2. soft gold: 26 AMC Shine
3. shimmery nude: 30 AMC Shine
4. royal blue: 70 AMC
5. dark green/blue: Matte 340
6. soft brown: Rainbow Eyeshadow 107
7. matte black: Matte 391
8. shimmery white: 35 AMC Shine

 Freedom System Lipstick 26

1. Freedom System Blush 23
2. Freedom System Blush 50

Inglot Makeup Application Tutorial
Check out the Video!

This look would work really well for the 4th of July tomorrow too!!

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