Saturday, May 10, 2014

Inspired by Art

 Below is the artwork of Jean Baptist Camille Carot, a French artist, that inspired this outfit.

I went to the National Gallery in DC with one of my bffs, Jenna, to look at some artwork for one of her classes. I love walking around the National Gallery and do not make my way over there as often as I would like. Being surrounded by so many beautiful creations from over the ages brought me back to my days as an Art History Student, my favorite subject in college and my minor. By studying art history I was constantly inspired by so many different pieces for all of my artwork from my photography to my painting. Anytime I left a museum or gallery I was always instantly filled with inspiration to create! It was as if an art gallery was my re-charge center to get myself back into the mood of taking my thoughts and dreams and bringing them into reality.

When we walked by these paintings (shown above), it reminded me of my time in Spain during my study abroad during college. I was in Granada for about 5 months and my favorite place to go was the albaicin, which was home to the caves of the gitanos, who had turned a few of the caves into Flamenco houses. I loved walking up there during the day and seeing all the little shops and the layering they chose to wear, a bit more modernized but the essence was still there. Some of my most peaceful and contemplative moments were sitting on one of the walls and just people watching or sketching or reading.

So inspired by these pieces of art I decided to pop on some layers and tap into the fashion depicted. It definitely is bulky, but so comfortable! Also the different layers add an artistic quality to the art of dressing by mixing textures and patterns, creating a foreground and a background. Maybe not the most flattering of outfits, but definitely one that I am always wanting to pull off because part of my wardrobe personality is that urban hippie chic filled with loose layers and flowing patterns.

Outfit Details:
crop top: Urban Outfitters
top: vintage
lace overlay: Bcbg Maxazria
skirt: Urban Outfitters
lace scarf: INC International Concepts via Macy's

Does art inspire your wardrobe at times?

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