Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello Green!

Outfit Details:

blazer: Rachel Roy via Macy's
wedges: Ann Taylor

I love that nature has decided to look lively again! Green is finally popping up everywhere!

 I borrowed this skirt from the I  Heart Aardvarks  boutique and love the outfit I assembled with it. I am especially glad that the dogwood was in bloom because it acted as a beautiful accent for some of the images. I paired mostly black with the green so it popped more. This Rachel Roy blazer was a dream when I found it and really love the black and white flowers and black paneling paired with the vibrant green. 

At first I was a little wary about the length of the skirt and since I have a shorter torso sometimes things that are flowy and cut at my waist, seriously truncate my body. So by pairing a form-fitting blazer that was longer, it helped to elongate my torso and the sky-high wedges kept my legs from disappearing in the length of the skirt. This length may not be the best for someone who is shorter, just opt for the maxi skirt and let that length go all the way to your feet. 

Does this length of skirt make anyone else nervous about trying it? ...I will say that once you find your perfect pairings to make it work; trust me, the jump to trying it is worth it! 

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