Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Define your Brows and Choose the Products

Let's talk about brows....
When choosing your products, make sure you have tweezers (for those pesky strays), a spoolie (the little brush), brow pencil or powder/shadow, and brow gel (if your brows tend to not behave). When choosing a color, pick something that is the same shade as your brows or go a shade lighter for a more natural definition. The Universal Brow Pencil from Dior is perfect for all brow colors. 

Below I have two sequences showing how to define your brows naturally. In the first I use the Diorshow Brow Styler and in the second I used the Anastasia brow powders/shadows. So here you have two types of brow products and can choose according to how many products you wish to have and which works best with your brows.

What I normally start off doing is brushing both brows with the spoolie-- brush upwards.

Next I use the spoolie end to measure to make sure I know where I need to extend or tweeze if need be. For the inner part of the brows you use the edge of your nose.
For the arch use the tip of your nose 
For the outer edge or ending length of your brow use the bottom of your nose.
Use your face to tell you what your brows should look like. 

In this first sequence of images I am using the Diorshow Universal Brow Styler from Dior. It only comes in one shade and is what I use on a day to day basis for my brows and most of my clients. 

I start at the bottom and work out ward 
Once I have the bottom outline of the brow I then fill in up to the top
After filling in I brush through the brows with the end of the Brow Styler to smooth the product into the brow
I then smooth the top of the brow to push down any hairs still sticking up
Then I finish the brows with some brow gel to keep them in place
I then complete the brows with some concealer to make them look even more polished

The Anastasia Brow kit is something I had heard great things about and decided it was definitely something I wanted to try for myself. I got the Blonde color. The kit comes complete with tweezers, brow brush and spoolie, 2-toned brow powder/shadow, brow gel and brow stencils. 

Follow the same steps as above just with your brush and powder/shadow

The Make Up For Ever HD concealer is wonderful for concealing any stray hairs around the brows and adding a more polished look or highlight to the eye area.

Bobbi Brown also makes these wonderful brow kits. Complete with a mini brush and tweezers. Bobbi also has a bigger brow brush which I love because it has very coarse hairs so it really picks up the product and then dispenses it perfectly through the brows and gets it into the skin so you don't have to worry about melting brows.
Bobbi Brown Brow Brush
Light Brow Kit
Dark Brow Kit

And voila! There you have nicely defined brows, which then give your eyes a nice defined shape. As you can see my brows are not perfectly symmetrical , and that's okay with me! So don't be annoyed or alarmed if your brows are not twins. They are supposed to be more like sisters. 

What are your favorite brow products?

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