Friday, August 23, 2013

Lunch at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

As you know the other day I had a lovely lunch at the amazing Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards with my sister. 

We did a little wine tasting to begin the lunch so we could figure out what bottle of wine we wanted with lunch (of course a very important part of the meal!). We decided on the Winemaker's Select White 2012, it was light and refreshing! Perfect for a summer midday meal. 

We decided to go the whole nine yards and make it a 3-course meal extravaganza! We started with the beautiful Charcuterie, which as you can see is a hearty mix of meats and bread with a delicious arugula pesto and grape must mustard. It was so so so yummy! 

For the main dish we both got the Pippin Sliders, which are two mini burgers (fancy burgers) with a side of parmesan fries.  Again a very delicious choice. 

For the treatie part I got the Petit Verdot Cupcakes. I only decided to get these because I saw our waitress walk by with a plate of them for another table. They looked so yummy I just had to have them. They have a creamy thyme frosting paired with the dark chocolate cake. Just the perfect amount of sweet to end a meal. My sister got a glass of the Petit Manseng Vin Doux Naturale (their dessert wine), which was absolutely divine! 

We finally packed up and headed home after devouring a 3-course meal, bottle of wine (I didn't drink that much since I had to drive), and  purchased 3 bottles of wine (the Winemaker's Select White 2012, the Petit Manseng Vin Doux Naturale and the Winemaker's Select Red 2011). What a relaxing day it ended up being! 

If you have not had the pleasure of stopping in for a glass of wine or a little treatie, please take the time to smell the roses and stop by! The staff is a group of friendly and lovely people who truly make you feel at home. Go check it out! 

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