Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In-vest-ed In Life

scarf: vintage; vest: Body by Victoria's Secret; dress: BcbgMaxazria; bag: from market in Venice, Italy; shoes: Forever 21; watch: Target

So funny story today... I guess I haven't used this purse in a little while, because when I opened it to  transfer my things from my other purse, guess what I saw .... a SPIDER and its web! 

I bet you probably heard the scream I let out when I saw this creature in my beautiful bag. I was so angry and acted a bit like a child. But really, who expects a spider to take up living in one of their nice bags? No matter how long it has been since you have used it, this is definitely not a very common occurrence. 

I was quite exhausted from that whole ordeal of trying to kill the spider without it attacking me or eating my whole hand off. 

This is how the ordeal went: I thought I had closed it into one of the pockets it ran into, but next thing I knew it was crawling on one of the sides inside of the purse! So I took that chance and grabbed it with a tissue, or so I thought. I flung the tissue on the table (this is when my sister jumped back and yelled at me for throwing it near her) and I guess I had not crushed it so it made its way to the floor. Then after a few screams (I am a bit embarrassed by my little girl reaction btw) I went to crush it. I thought the deed was done, but I couldn't find the body. 

So who knows if I actually killed it or if it is crawling around now looking for its next home. 

Watch out for your nice bags, since this spider has nice taste in homes. But I guess I can't be too surprised, because if I was a spider I would probably try and make my home in a beautiful bag or a lovely pair of shoes.

So back to the reason for the title "In-vest-ed In Life," sometimes I find it pretty hard to balance my life between, freelancing for Dior, freelance makeup jobs, weddings, blogging, working out and having a life. Something always suffers, usually it is the having a life part because making money is a definitely a necessity for me right now. Little by little I am learning to take some days where I either just straight up relax or make plans to catch up with friends. Today is one of those days, yes I am working on my blog, but I am seeing one of my besties, Jenna, today for lunch and then having dinner with another lovely lady, who I used to work with,Tia. Then later tonight I get to hangout with my honey, Jon. So today is full of catching up and investing more time in my life!

How do you balance all aspects of your life on a day to day basis?

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