Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bits & Baubles

There is something so comforting and reliable about putting your jewels and random bits in little assorted dishes. 

As you can see I have a lot of random places I keep my bits and baubles. The top image is a tea cup saucer, because I can't seem to find where the tea cup is; so what better alternative for this piece other than holding random pretty things. 

The image below is the top of my Birchbox, holding some flowers I used in my Rocker Chic.. post, some rings I have been wearing lately and my lovely watch that Jon gave me as well as other important bits. 

This little porcelain box holds some of my favorite bracelets to wear.

In the image below I found this display mini-plate at my grandparents and decided it would be the perfect place for some of my favorite earrings, broken pieces of earrings and other baubles.

This is a little pill box that used to be my Tante's that I use when I am traveling to store my studs or the earrings I am bringing with me.
This jewelry box is one that I got at a yardsale eons and eons ago when my family and I would frequent them Saturday mornings for a fun family outing. The color is absolutely horrible, but something about it keeps me from getting rid of it. 

This last little bowl was a gift from one of my besties, Brittany, its perfect for holding rings!

What do you hold your bits & baubles in?

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