Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainy Monday

Today was a day full of fashion mishaps! 

hat: Mossimo at Target with vintage pin; top: Gap; pants: Forever 21; shoes: Charlotte Russe

First of all I decided to wear my comfortable ripped black jeans. Big mistake. As the day went on it got more and more humid. Black jeans were a bad choice today.

Yes, my outfit was cute and but only comfortable when I was inside my car (AC full blast) or in the various places where I had to go for my errands today. 

Next mistake of today was the sheer top and the white tank when the forecast for today was scattered showers all day (more like down pours). So I went with my mom to take Bryan (who you have met in a previous post) and Trooper (who I am dog-sitting for this week). We thought there was a lull in the rain... but nope! That rain started up in the middle of our walk and absolutely poured sheets of rain on us! This is then when Trooper decided to try and run around and play in the wet grass, which leads into wardrobe mistake number 3.

So before the walk I decided to pop these shoes on to make sure they were as comfortable as I thought they were in store. They definitely were extremely comfortable, but these shoes mixed with wet grass and crazy pup trying to wrap me up in the leash = a slippery situation and quite dangerous for my ankles. But don't you worry my ankles and most importantly my shoes are all in one piece! 

So by the end of today I was soaked to the bone and my shoes were proving to be quite difficult to walk in when they were drenched. 

Next time I am definitely going to pay closer attention to the forecast before making my wardrobe selections in the morning.

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