Monday, June 24, 2013

Philip Carter Adventure

Today I had a wonderful adventure at the Philip Carter Winery of Virginia with my sister, Colleen. 

If was a bit of a trip getting there  (thanks Google Maps for that), but we made it only a few minutes late for our scheduled tour of the Winery and wine tasting.  

She got the tour and tasting voucher from TravelZoo for $30 for an $85 package, which included a tour, tasting, picnic basket and blanket rental, cheese, summer sausage, corkscrew (to keep), 2 PCW glasses (to keep) and 10% off of a bottle of wine of your choice. What an amazing deal right! 

Even without the voucher the pricing at Philip Carter is extremely reasonable, and I would definitely go back!

We had a very informative and humorous guide, Ben, who told us the history of the Winery and other wonderful tid-bits about wine. I am no expert, so a lot of this information was new to me and very engaging! 

When it came to the wine tasting, I was pretty excited, who doesn't love tasting wine. Yes, again I am not a pro but I did come up with a pretty stellar grading system for the wines: Stars! I won't try and impress you all with my fancy wine connoisseur descriptions (because I don't have any), so I will just give you the rating I awarded to each wine I tasted. 

'11 Chardonnay **
'12 Sabine Hall Viognier ****
'12 Rosewell *
'12 Governor Fauquier **/ (2 1/2 stars)
'11 Falconwood Red***
'12 Sweet Danielle ****
'11 1762 ****
PCW Sangria ***** (Perfect Score!)

So as you can see the Sangria was my favorite! It was so fresh and light: perfect for a summer afternoon of relaxing.

For our meat and cheese picnic with a delicious  mango chutney, we chose the Italian cheese with the Summer sausage and got a bottle of the '12 Sweet Danielle. It was so sweet and yummy and cool in the hot sun! 

As you can see we had a wonderful time at this quaint and cozy winery. I highly recommend making a trip out to the Philip Carter Winery of Virginia, either go on a romantic date with your honey or make it a group outing. Either way you will have a memorable time!
Goodies we purchased and some that we received at the winery! Had to get a bottle of red ('11 Falconwood Red) and white ('12 Sabine Hall Viognier), and something sweet ('12 Sweet Danielle). They treated us very well there! 
Cheers! Skoal!

Go and schedule your tour and tasting today! Make sure you get Ben as your guide through the wonderful tastes that Philip Carter Winery has to offer!

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