Friday, March 29, 2013

Polished for Work

shirt: Banana Republic; pants: The Limited in the Drew Fit; shoes: Enzo Angiolini
 This is the basic outfit that I generally wear when I am working for Dior and traveling to their different counters in the NOVA, DC and Maryland area. Sometimes I get tired of wearing black all the time; but then I stop myself and say black is one of the most sophisticated colors to wear so stop ya whining.  

I don't know what it is about wearing black but it instantly polishes an outfit. Even if the pieces are rather plain or simple looking, if they are black then you instantly look put together and sophisticated. 

Now this doesn't necessarily apply to everything. Such as: if your pants are too short -- no matter what color the pants are they are still high waters and look ridiculous (in my opinion anyways). If your shirt has a neckline down to your belly button and the chance of having a nip slip is very high-- just because that top is black doesn't make it classy. 

But you get what I am saying. Black is one of those perfect neutral colors that really does go with everything, is an easy color to wear and has a magical slimming effect. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

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