Friday, March 1, 2013

Feed Your Face by Dr. Jessica Wu: Amazing Information that Will Change Your Life

Dr. Jessica Wu's Feed Your Face Book

This amazing diet developed by Dr. Jessica Wu came to my attention a few years ago. I saw a little review in a magazine and immediately went onto Amazon and pre-ordered 2 copies of The Feed Your Face Dietbook! I figured why not try this! I was trying anything and everything to get my skin back to normal and also trying to stay trim: this diet offered a solution to both problems!

Dr. Wu puts more complicated scientific wording into reasoning and descriptions that can easily be understood. She explains why certain foods do what they do to your skin and why certain foods help your skin.

The Amazing Book! 

I stuck to the strict diet for a week or so, which was pretty good for me, after that I made sure to stay away from certain acne trigger foods. After the first week I started noticing a difference; the current breakouts I had were clearing up and I wasn't getting any new ones.

This truly is an amazing diet that will make you feel your best all over! Purchase the book and give it a try! She has solutions for all skin problems and ways to keep problems from flaring up again. She also included before and after photos for people who have used this book. And these are not the before and after photos you see in infomercials, where the before is taken in horrible lighting and no makeup and then the after is in amazing lighting and taken by a professional photographer and a makeup artist has been hired. They show you that anyone can get their skin back.

Before and After Photos in the Book

This book not only offers a way to help your skin concern, it offers hope for those of you that have gotten discouraged because nothing has worked in the past. I am a true believer in her doctrine, try it and see for yourself!

For those of you who have tried it, I would love to hear about your success stories!

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

She also has an i-phone app : I would purchase this if she had one for the droid too :) 

Photos: Carolyn Thombs (Me!)

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