Thursday, March 28, 2013

Onyx Eyes

Onyx Eyes Makeup Tutorial


This is a dark eyes, dark lips combo kind of look, so many of you may not want to wear this on a regular basis. So try doing the smokey eye with a nude lip or a soft pink lip or try the dark lip (go for a dark plum or mauve) and then a very simple eye (mascara and maybe some eyeliner).

I hope you like it! 




I love doing face charts as a way to try out new looks!

I used the top left corner for the dark grey and then the bottom left corner for the white highlight color
Check out the post here that I did previously on all the liners that came in the set, so you can see which ones I will be using in posts in the future! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

p.s. more eyeliner tutorials to come! Stay Tuned! 

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