Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NYFW SS '13: Neodandi

Neodandi Show 

Lead Artists: Carolyn Thombs, Shaq Curry, Shalonda Curtis, and Jaegger Ray Pendoley

For the makeup look we collaborated with the designer, Niilartey De Osu, and Director of Operations, Mani De Osu. For the first part of the presentation we did a very bright eye with champagne shimmer and a slight contour in the crease and then a bright pink used as a stain to make a more subtle use of the bright lipstick. 

For the second part, with the bright knits, we added a bright purple to the lid and used bright pink lipstick or a burnt orange on the lips.

The show was very organic and free, which was the perfect embodiment of the clothing displayed by the models. Some of the pieces were extremely wearable as well as being more artistic. Overall it was a moving and fascinating show. He is definitely a designer to keep an eye on in the future.

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!
All Photography © Carolyn Thombs

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