Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty Bar in NYC

Beauty Bar NYC

Back in August my sisters and I went to New York City to celebrate my younger sister’s 21st birthday. We met up with my cousins and after we had some delicious Mexican food we made our way to the Beauty Bar on E 14th St.

My Manicure from the Beauty Bar
I really didn’t know what to expect when my cousin told me about the place. So I thought it would be this bright space with a circular bar in the middle with chairs around it for the customers to sit and get their nails done and drink fancy fruity drinks. I was thinking the Beauty Bar was going to look more like a salon than a bar. 

Retro Beauty Parlor Decor

When we walked into the place after having out ID’s checked (only 21 and above). I was happily surprised to find this amazing swanky bar with retro beauty parlor d├ęcor. Great music was playing and there was a nice variety of people hanging out at this bar. 

Amazing bar at the Beauty Bar

It was $10 to get in and that included the manicure and one drink (an amazing deal I know!). The drinks were so delicious, you definitely get your money’s worth! I had the one with Bourbon, since I am a definite admirer of Bourbon.

The manicurist I had was very nice and did a great job! I loved the color, which was a fun orange red. I definitely recommend this place to start any night out with the girls! Such a perfect place to get ready for a fun bachelorette party as well! 
Treat yourself! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

Beauty Bar in NYC

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