Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cozy Fall Sunshine

Forever 21 Maxi dress, Aldo sunglasses, White t-shirt, Jean Jacket, Talbots shoes, Forever 21 belt

I love the fall, since you can wear super cute outfits and the weather permits you keeping the whole outfit together all day! No adding extra bulky clothes to keep warm or taking off vital components in order to stay cool. You can add a cute casual jacket or sweater and even a scarf to your fall ensembles. I love it all! 

I wore this outfit this past Sunday,it was perfect for the beautiful weather! Warm, cozy sunshine and a subtle chill in the air: the perfect day! So for this fabulous day I decided to have another go at pairing my jean jacket (courtesy of my amazing friend Celesste) with a fun outfit concept. I paired it with this fun patterned dress I got from Forever 21.

 I saw the dress while I was shopping a few years ago and loved it! But of course it was not long enough to wear as a dress so I decided why not use it as a long skirt. I absolutely love wearing it and a lot of people love the idea of doing this with dresses that aren't long enough to wear as dresses. It is nice and fitted which gives the figure a nice silhouette. I decided to let the skirt shine and just paired it with a white t-shirt.

I wore my Aldo tortoise shell sunglasses, one of my favorite pairs. I added a lacy scarf to add a whimsical, eccentric air to the outfit and added a bunch of my small bracelets. The shoes I wore were ankle lace-up suede black boots from Talbots. To add some refinement to the look I topped it off with a black and white belt. 

I hope you enjoy the outfit! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

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