Friday, June 8, 2012

A Fabulous Tea Party: Part I: What to Wear

When I though of this idea for a post I got so excited as all of the ideas for the set up and what to incorporate into the post filled my head! For the past few weeks my head has been on creative overload creating the perfect look and set for a tea party, a Fabulous Tea Party at that! 

So I searched on my favorite clothing sites and finally chose the beautiful Wilderflora Patchwork dress from Anthropologie. Finding the model was easy because I am so lucky to have such a beautiful best friend to help me out with this shoot. I chose Aldo to look for the shoes because they always seem to have the perfect shoes to go with anything. So I chose something subtle yet modern to go with this amazing dress. 

The first shoot I did was the full tea party set up, which let me tell you, made for quite a busy day. I had an amazing time baking all of these treats, but it definitely wasn't just a wave of my wand and Poof! I had little cakes. 

For the floral arrangement I used one of my Mom's Lenox pitchers and cut some Hydrangeas from the garden, for a soft pop of color, and added a bunch of my favorite flowers, Daisies, to give the fresh Spring look to the table. 

What to Wear

I put Jenna in this beautiful patchwork dress and paired these beautiful nude pumps with the outfit. The shoes had a beautiful gold wrapping on the heel giving them a modern and fresh approach to the classic nude pump. 

The dress from Anthropologie was love at first sight and she looked so perfect in it as well! In the images of Jenna you can see that she has the sash over her shoulders; this sash is removable or can be draped in the back of the dress or worn as a halter. Who doesn't love versatility? The fit was amazing as well and is true to size. You will want to look at the sizing directions for the dress so that you measure yourself correctly. It fits your top half and has a slight A-line over your bottom half, so order the dress to fit your top half. 


I decided to do a light, airy, fresh, pink face for Jenna because when I think of tea parties everyone has young pink cheeks and rosy pink lips. So pretty and natural and the perfect look for daytime that can go from Spring into Summer. 

I started with the HD Primer which is an amazing base to layer the foundation over top. It gives the skin a smooth surface for the foundation to be buffed onto the skin. I then used the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation, which has light reflecting particles in it so it gives your skin a nice radiant and fresh look. I applied it a bit heavier for photography purposes, but on the reg you can just apply a thin layer with your fingers to give a barely there look and then if you need more coverage in certain areas just add a bit more and blend it in. 

I used my Bobbi Brown concealer palette for a bit more coverage, which you can just buy the individual concealer sticks in your shade. After the base was done I set everything with a bit of the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder in the Universal Shade. This helps keep the concealer from creasing under the eyes and the foundation from moving. 

To add a bit of a sun-kissed look I used the NARS Laguna Bronzer, which is one of the products I use on a daily basis. I put this right below the cheek bone and then moved it up a bit in a C motion towards the hair line. I then added a beautiful pinky blush that really looks amazing on any skintone: the amazing NARS blush in Orgasm. This pinky color really gives you that perfect pink glow that adds a fresh look to your complexion. 

So with the face done I then moved onto the eyes.  I started with the Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Black Ebony and used the Tightline Activator to create a liquid liner. I have just recently started using this product because it was introduced to me by an amazing makeup artist I work with, Lora Elaine. She swears by it and convinced me to start using it and I now use it on all of my clients. At first I wasn't that used to it because the brush was a different shape than I normally use, but I really like how you can fill in the lash line in a subtle way. 

After I set the liner I then used the NARS eyeshadow Night Star all over up to the brow and then used D. Gorgeous on the lid and then Odine in the crease. This gave a very light and airy look to the eye. As a final touch I thickened the liner on the lash line and gently smudged it. I then used DiorShow New Look Mascara to give her beautiful long curled lashes. And for the lips I used a Stila Lip Glaze in Pinata, which was a nice complement to the blush I used. And voila a fresh, pinky, airy tea time look! If your guys really like how this looks, let me know and I will create a video tutorial on how to recreate the look! 

Stay tuned till tomorrow to find out what to eat and drink at your Fabulous Tea Party! 

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