Friday, June 15, 2012

Ojon Hair Products

Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Moisture Mist

I got my first Ojon product from Sephora as a Beauty Insider Perk. It is the Dry Recovery Hydrating Moisture Mist to put on your hair in order to help repair intense drying out of the hair.  I started using it and loved it, even though I really didn’t know much about the product or the brand for that matter. 

Recently I was in Florida with my sister and we somehow found ourselves engrossed in watching QVC. Yes, I know we never think it will happen to us, but it is a very tricky program. They really suck you in with all of their enthusiastic hosts and seeing the products work before your eyes, it really blows your mind. So it was getting late and we had actually been watching it for about ummm 6 hours maybe (I know rough). And I saw that they were going to be featuring Ojon products; so I thought “Awesome I will finally learn more about this oddly named brand and see why it is doing amazing things for my hair”.  

The founder of the brand was on the show, Denis Simioni, and he laid it all out there why this ingredient has created miracle products. They also had a few stylists on the show demonstrating the amazing miracles the products are capable of on all types of hair. 

Here are a few little factoids on the amazing ingredient Ojon and the products it is in:
  • Ojon was found in the regions of the Central American rain forests.
  • This golden oil is obtained from the nut of the Ojon tree and is hand extracted according to                      ancient, eco-friendly tradition which has been in place for over 500 years
  • When pure Ojon oil comes into contact with hair it helps to restore radiance, suppleness, bounce, body, volume and vibrancy and can help repair even the most damaged hair
  • It is a restorative ingredient because it helps to replenish essential lipids to the hair
  • The lipids in your hair are diminished by sun. water, heat styling and chemical processing
  • Ojon is able to restore these lipids because it has a similar composition to the essential lipids found in unprocessed virgin hair and can help compensate for those lost lipids (

Another great advantage to these products is that all of their different lines all contain Ojon oil so if you need strengthening and volumizing you can create your own personalized regimen suited to the needs of your hair. 
Once I am in the market for getting new hair products these are the first products I am going to introduce into my regimen. You should definitely try them out as well! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

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