Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Picks Part I: The Essentials

Summer Places

It’s summer finally! This is part I of a summer series I am going to do to get everyone ready to enjoy the summer! 

Here are some of the essentials you need to have to enjoy the summer weather. Sunglasses are a must! I am one of those guilty of not wearing sunglasses when the sun is shining outside. I have been getting better though at donning those shades when I step outside, it definitely helps when I have a super cute pair to flaunt.
 I used to hate the little marks you would get on your nose from wearing sunglasses, and I still do, but I have learned to get over it because it is way better for my eyes to wear them than not. 

These Marc Jacobs shades are my sisters which she sometimes lets me borrow. There are so many different shapes of sunglasses out there that it is almost impossible to not find a pair you love wearing. I personally love sunglasses from Aldo as well as a new pair I just got from Ann Taylor Outlet. 

A hat is also a great way to protect your face and you can find great hats at Ann Taylor Loft. They have fedoras as well as the glamorous floppy style. (

Summer Essentials

Another essential is waterproof mascara.  I like to use the DiorShow Iconic Waterproof Mascara in black because it makes my lashes nice and curled without looking too overdone for a natural summer look. I only use this when I am at the pool, beach or lake but otherwise it is not good for your lashes to use waterproof every day. This is because it can dry out your lashes if you use it too frequently. So try to save it for those days when you will be swimming or going to an event where tears may fall and you do not want black running down your face instead of delicate tears. 

Definitely do not forget your lips! They need protection as well, I like to use the cherry favored chapstick for day to day, but I just discovered the new Chubby Sticks from Clinique. They go on very smoothly and give a nice soft color to your lips while moisturizing them. They are very easy to throw in your purse or beach bag and easy to apply on the go. To add great SPF protection you can apply this over your favorite chapstick with SPF or I have started using the Eye and Lip Sunscreen from Mario Badescu. It goes on without being sticky and is clear. 

If you feel you need extra definition to your eyes try the Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow from Makeup Forever. It is great and does not move until you use an eye makeup remover. 
My favorite sunscreen to use is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sun block. It is not greasy and doesn’t sting my face when I put it on. I usually get the SPF 30 for my face and SPF 15 for my body. You should always pay attention to the directions and reapply the sunscreen when advised. This will ensure a summer free from lobster look alike contests.

 Also according to Dr. Jessica Wu eat a bit of tomato paste each day and you will help your body build a natural SPF. This does not mean that you do not need extra sun block though; you still need to apply suntan lotion ladies and gentlemen.  Buy her book, Feed Your Face, to see other great tricks to help protect your skin from the sun as well as treat the occasional sunburn (which hopefully will not happen to those who are vigilant about putting their sun block on). 

Stay tuned for Summer Picks: Makeup, Hair & Nails, Summer Picks: Clothes and Summer Picks: Suits for more ways to prepare for the summer months ahead. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful! 

All Photography Copyright Carolyn Thombs 

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