Thursday, May 31, 2012

HauteLook: Great Shopping Without Going Bankrupt
I first saw an ad for this site,, on Facebook. Once I clicked it, I never looked back. This is a great idea for those of us that love having nice things and can’t seem to find the heart to say no to them when we should. This site makes it possible to buy these nice things without breaking the bank. This is possible because the HauteLook discount on our favorite designer clothes brings the prices down to normal people prices! Amazing, I know!

I am able to save on the brands I love, as well as finding new brands to try and love. They also have quite a few cosmetic brands that they feature on the site, which is great because I am able to try new products as well as build up my kit, without tossing away too much money.

Another great thing about this site is that if you refer people to it, and they end up buying, you get $10 free in HauteLook money. It happened to me once and I was so happy that I went shopping right away, and the $10 was gone in a flash.

One thing that could be negative, depending on when you need the item or items, is that if you need them right away, it isn’t possible to get them right away. It takes them a little time to ship the items to you, but they make you fully aware of that before you purchase, so they are not trying to trick you.

When you do get your products, everything is packaged very nicely. I kind of like that it ships a bit later, because when it does come it is a bit of a surprise, because you forgot you had ordered it; and you fall in love with the product all over again! And let’s be serious, we all know what it’s like falling in love with that beautiful pair of shoes or that gorgeous sequin dress: it’s purely awesome!

So go on the site and at least just sign up, maybe the first week of sales won’t grab you but I know at some point you will get that update email of sale events and you are going to jump on it! And presto you have a new little black dress or a new piece of artwork for your apartment, all at a very affordable price! 

Please go check it out! I know you will not be disappointed!

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

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