Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Essential: A Must for Every Skincare Regimen

One Essential Serum

When I started working with Dior as a Freelance Makeup Artist, I asked which product was the must-have from their skincare. Their answer was One Essential Serum. I didn’t fully understand the product’s special powers until I researched it a bit.

After I read about the product, my eyes were completely opened and I truly understood why this is such an amazing product!

This product has 15 years of research and 10 patents backing it up. Without this product no age correcting product can be 100% effective.

The reason this product works so well is because it contains detoxifying and regenerating benefits. In 6 weeks it is supposed to erase one year of damage caused by aging. I have not yet reached my 6 week mark of using the product yet, but I have seen many women of all ages who use the product, and their skin is all the testament to the product’s effectiveness that I need to continue its use. 

Each day our skin is exposed to millions of elements that can damage our skin. One Essential serum eliminates these toxins that cloud our cells. Without eliminating the toxins, your cells have a harder time at absorbing your skincare products and hence the lessened effectiveness of your products. Basically One Essential helps your products to be the best version of themselves.

Another great benefit of this product is that it can work with any brand! This is because it doesn’t work with a specific formulation. It works with the specific ingredients of other products. It boosts the effectiveness of the following ingredients by 4 x’s:
  • Retinol: Is the name of the entire vitamin A molecule. It is a cell-communicating ingredient and antioxidant. Anti-aging ingredient because it tells the cells to act normally instead of having them act like oldies. It helps skin cells to create better, healthier skin cells, provides antioxidant support and increases the amount of substances that enhance skin’s structural elements. Also present in anti-cellulite products. (www.cosmeticscop.com)
  • Vitamin C: Antioxidant for the skin. Shown to increase collagen production, reduce the appearance of skin discolorations, strengthen skin’s barrier response, enhance skin’s repair process, reduce inflammation and help skin to better withstand exposure to sunlight. (www.cosmeticscop.com)
It boosts the effectiveness of the following by 3 x’s:
  • Resveratrol: Powerful antioxidant, abundant in grapes and in red wine. Reported to be one of the most potent natural chemopreventive agents inhibiting the cellular process associated with tumor development, including initiation, promotion and progression. Also contains significant anti-inflammatory properties. When present in products used on a daily basis make sure you also use something with at least a SPF of 15 or more. (www.cosmeticscop.com)
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Is a component of skin tissue that is used in skincare products as a good skin-identical ingredient. It can boost skin’s moisture content and help prevent moisture loss. (www.cosmeticscop.com)
So enough of the science talk, pretty much the jist is that this product is amazing and everyone should try it (for longer than 6 weeks, not just a night) so you can see the amazing potential your skin possesses when using the right products. 

When you first start using it, your skin may breakout a tiny bit. Do not fret!! This is only your skin getting rid of all of those toxins that have built up over the ages. Once they are eliminated your skin will only continue to better itself!

You can visit the Dior site, www.dior.com, to  purchase it or stop by your local Dior Counter. 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

Definitions of ingredients: www.cosmeticscop.com

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