Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How I Got My Skin Back

After my freshman year of college my skin went psycho on me out of the blue. It was ridiculous, my skin had never been that bad before and I had no idea of how to handle it emotionally. It was a huge hit to my self-esteem and how I looked at myself. I decided to try Pro-Active, which I had heard worked wonders. I tried it for 2 ½ months and didn't see a change, if anything it had gotten worse.

 I went to a dermatologist and didn't really get any help there either. So my next step was to try Skin ID by Neutrogena, because during the summer while I was dealing with my ogre-ish looks the Neutrogena makeup was the only kind that was giving me any type of coverage and enabled me to show my face in public… Wonders of wonders the Skin ID regimen actually worked pretty well for awhile! Then I got really sick and the stress massacred my skin once again, yet I stuck with the Skin ID because it helped once in awhile, which was better than having something that didn’t work at all.

 I then ventured to Spain and my skin had calmed down. Over there I was using a combination of the Skin ID and a serum I got from a farmacía over there, C-Vit Revitalizing Serum (Vitamin C serum). It was an amazing serum and really helped with my scars.  

When I got home from Spain things were still not where I wanted them to be with my skin. On a family trip to New York to visit family we made the usual stop at Scentsationals, an amazing little shop where you can make personalized perfumes. There I encountered my first Mario Badescu products. I read the descriptions on a few of them and finally chose the Healing Cream and the Drying Lotion to try out.

 After one night of using the products my skin looked less irritated and I was ecstatic! My family even noticed the difference! That was when my obsession started. I went online and created my MyMario profile, which directed me toward specific products that would help me with my concerns. I decided to get the Buffering Lotion, the Drying Cream, the Enzyme Cleansing Gel, the Special Cucumber Lotion (Toner) and the Oil Free Moisturizer. My new skincare regimen was born! I was very good about sticking to it and I bought other various products including masks and exfoliants from Mario to try as well. Since the products contain more natural ingredients it takes a bit longer for things to really work. It was working somewhat slowly but I knew I was definitely going in the right direction. 

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel 16 oz

Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion 16 oz
Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion 1 oz
Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF-17) 2 oz
Mario Badescu Drying Cream 0.5 oz

My final effort in bringing my skin back was when I saw a recommendation for a new diet book. It was the Feed Your Face Diet developed by Dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu. I must say she is a genius and after I read the book everything she pointed out and suggested made perfect sense. Once I started cutting out certain foods that were not face friendly, I was seeing faster results. 

Now my skin is doing really well, after trial and error I know which foods to stay away from and the Mario products have been amazing!!! I also use some other Lancôme and Dior products on my skin, but the majority of the products I use are Mario Badescu. 

So pretty much after this long winded skincare history (I hope you have not spontaneously fallen asleep on your key board), my advice is to not try all the skincare products in the world like I did, but see if anything in your diet is affecting your skin. After all your skin is the largest organ in your body and it makes sense that whatever you put in your body will affect your skin just as much as what you put on it. 

I will be doing more posts explaining different ingredients in products and which ones you should look for to correct your different concerns. The best way to start improving your skin though is to de-stress your life a bit. Trust me it works! 

Enjoy & Be Beautiful!

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