Thursday, August 6, 2015

Casual Green Skirt

Outfit Details: 
top: Asos
necklace: J'Adorn Designs
skirt: Bcbg Max Azria
heels: Loft via Thredup
bag: Nine West
ring: vintage

My ideal casual chic outfit for going about doing chores or getting work done is this ensemble or something similar. The formula: skirt + crop top/tee + heels =  ready to get shit done!

However I am not this stylish from day to day because of a variety of reasons. I am either having a lazy day and am not planning on seeing anyone so I just wear workout clothes or my pjs even eeks! Or I want to dress nicer, but don't feel like getting all the questions regarding why I am dressed the way I am. This happens because where I live people are not necessarily prone to dressing on the chicer side of things. Comfort is the main priority. And there is nothing wrong with this, it is just the way things are. The time we live in is very different from the time before the 70's, where more people took pride in what they put on. Now I am not saying everyone wears sweats on a day to day basis or just throws on whatever they pick up, but there definitely are a lot of people who do. And at times I am one of them. 

Considering all of this I have decided to become more conscious on what I am wearing and what I plan to wear on a day to day basis. I have nice clothes and damnit I am going to wear them! To do this I am going to be better about laying out my outfits each night or if a busy week is ahead of me then do it for the whole week. Follow me on instagram @lipstickandchiffon to see updates and quick shots of how I am sticking to this new resolve.  

Anyone else with me on this?!

photos by Margaret Thombs


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