Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Blues

Outfit Details:
top: Asos
skirt: Bcbg Maxazria
belt: Bcbg Maxazria
shoes: Via Spiga via Nordstrom Rack
purse: vintage

All winter long I am praying for summer to get here quickly because frankly I really hate the cold. I love a few snow days and could handle winter for maybe a month, but longer than that and I begin to feel like a bear who didn't get to go into hibernation. So finally the summer is here! And trust me I am so loving being able to show off my bare legs!

But there is such a thing as too much heat and humidity, especially when I am trying to take blog photos outside. No matter what I do, I always break into a waterfall of sweat. My make up stays put, but then I get the little beads of sweat sprouting up along my upper lip line (those of you who get this know how much of a pain it is) and the in between the brows area. Of course everywhere else begins to emit a fine dew as well but those specific spots are the worst to get under control. Usually for the boob sweat I get some paper towel to put under my boobs to catch any sweat before I get any on my top. It is so annoying when that happens, especially when I don't notice it until I'm editing the shots, ahhhh!

So yes I hate winter and love the summer time, but at times when that humidity index is super high and I have to wear clothes and go in public I miss the cool AC indoors that can resemble the temperatures of early winter.

Anyone else suffer from the Summer Blues?


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