Monday, June 8, 2015

70's Vibin'

Outfit Details:
vest: Victoria's Secret
dress: Cabi
shoes: ShoeMint via ThredUp
hat: old 
sunglasses: Ray Bans
necklace: vintage

I haven't worn this dress since last year and I decided I needed to add an element to emphasize the waist more. I decided to add this vest! When I put the vest on I felt like the outfit totally had a 70's vibe to it! So I added the chunky wedges and the floppy hat and my dad's old ray bans! Look complete! 

This was such a fun shoot because my nephew and sisters were visiting. Anytime anyone goes outside he has to go with them! He loves being "outdide" as he calls it, so he had to run outside with us to get some quick snaps of this outfit. He had green sock on and a shirt and his diaper (so fashionable!) and he kept running away from us and sitting on the curb, he loves sitting in little seats. I of course ran after him, yes in these shoes. He definitely is a quick little nugget! If you follow Lipstick & Chiffon on facebook you can see one of the outtakes from the shoot!

photos by Colleen Thombs


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