Thursday, June 4, 2015

Floating on Clouds

Outfit Details:
top: H&M
pants: Kensie via Macy's
shoes: TaylorSays
necklace: vintage
blue extension: RPZL
bag: Danielle Nicole 

This is where you really get to see the beauty of these amazing TaylorSays pumps! I immediately fell in love when I saw these shoes online and I knew I had to have them! My sister was so amazing and got them for me for Christmas. Was a glorious present. Once I got them however, I was nervous about actually wearing them because I didn't want to ruin the beautiful painted bottoms.

So I contacted TaylorSays to see if they sold sole protectors so that the design could still be seen, but wouldn't get ruined. They told me they didn't sell them but I could get them on Amazon. Of course I went and ordered some immediately, but once I got them I kept them in a drawer for a bit and just let the shoes decorate my room, still nervous about the soles.

Finally about a month ago I decided I needed to get those soles protected so I could show these beauties off! I got them all squared away and then gently stepped outside to try it out. Luckily enough the sole protectors worked perfectly and have continued to work effectively no matter what type of ground or floor I have walked on. I am so glad that those worked out because the shoes are so fun and extremely comfortable!

Got get your own piece of artwork for your feet! They deserve it!


photos by Margaret Thombs

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