Monday, March 23, 2015

Leopard Print, Navy and Olive

Outfit Details:
blazer: Lush (similar)
top: Gap
pants: Express (similar)
boots: Restricted
ring: Pandora

This is hopefully the last time you will see snow in one of my outfit photos. I took this right before I went on my trip to Tucson and Cali, hoping that this was the last time it was going to be cold and that there would be no more snow when I got home from my trip.

So neither of those things were true when I got back! It definitely snowed last week, granted I didn't see it because I was asleep during the episode and it didn't stick, thank God! But the weather really hasn't gotten much warmer. Yes, there have been days of beautiful weather but they are always followed by a few days of chilliness. When we do have warm days they are most often accompanied with some type of precipitation. Gag to all of the above!

In hope that spring will be fully here soon, I took the time to style some spring-ish looks, one may have been pushing it a bit, but oh well! Spring will be here soon enough and I am more than ready for it! Stay tuned for them!

What new pieces do you have waiting in the wings for Spring to be here?

photos by Margaret Thombs

Lipstick & Chiffon

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