Friday, March 20, 2015

Product Review: Kate Somerville Eczema Cream

About 6 months ago, I finally went to a dermatologist. I touched base on this a bit in my 'My Everyday Makeup' video. I discovered that I had hormonal acne and eczema. Lovely, right? I went through every range of emotion then because one of the solutions was going on a pill everyday forever (not birthcontrol) or until I plan on having children. Then who knows what my skin is going to do when I go off of it. And I was just at that point where I was beyond fed up and had become a slave to my skin problems. 

Once I got through the anger and frustration my mood switched to aprehension in seeing if my new regimen would work. And finally it switched to hope when I started seeing the difference in my skin! 

After dialing back from the original regimen that the doctor put me on, I finally found a happy medium that didn't dry out my skin too much and was just as effective! The doctor gave me a prescription for a pretty expensive cream, which I was quite reluctant to get because I have so many products already and plus I had already gotten all those new products for my new regimen. So I set out to find a product comparable. 

I was working at Neiman Marcus one day and I love the woman at the Kate Somerville, so I figured I would ask her if she had anything sensitive enough for eczema. And miracles of all miracles Kate Somerville has this perfect Eczema Therapy Cream! I decided, hey its a fraction of the cost of the other cream so why not try it! 

My sister was visiting when I got this cream, and she decided to try it as well! We both loved it! It's not as strong as the prescription cream I could have gotten but it is the next best thing and doesn't cost nearly as much! She bought her own immediately! 

This cream has helped save my skin and my wallet. Now that warmer weather is just around the corner (hopefully) I won't need to use it as much, but I will have it for emergencies! 

If you suffer from eczema and need some relief, try this cream, it is wonderful! Definitely  a new staple for my skincare wardrobe!

What products have you found work for your eczema, if you suffer from it? 

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