Thursday, October 2, 2014

Canadian Tuxedo with a Side of Sparkle

Outfit Details:
top: Express (similar)
jeans: Express (on sale too!!) 
bracelets: vintage

Is it okay to pair denim on denim if its not actually  denim and just Chambray on denim? I used to be of the philosophy not to go all denim, now it seems my mind may have been changed!

So I am going to just jump on in, because hell who doesn't want to wear extremely comfortable pieces together and be at your maximum comfort level!

 In order to make it an easier transition for myself I decided to pair these amazing sequin barbie-esque pumps with the ensemble. Also I made sure the two pieces were different shades of blue.

So if this outfit makes you want to tear your eyes out... just focus on the shoes and everything will be okay, keep those precious eyes intact!  And maybe one day you will make the same discovery that I did and take the plunge into wearing your own version of the Canadian Tuxedo! 

photos by Jon Zerbonia

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