Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Cruella de Vil Costume

Watch the Tutorial:

Products Used:
Red Cherry Lashes in #117

Beyond the Zone Color Balm in Straight Laced White
Streaks N' Tips in Midnight Black

I am so excited to wear this costume tomorrow night! One thing I may change is how much of the black spray I put on my hair. This product is extrememly messy and doesn't really set, so it was constantly getting on my hands, face and on the robe.  The white spray set pretty well and felt just like hairspray. 

The NYX palette was perfect for this look and I can't wait to create more with it! 

Have you all decided what you are going to be for Halloween?!

p.s. in no way by me being Cruella for Halloween am I condoning being cruel to adorable puppy dogs!

photos by Margaret Thombs

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